My Bio Denise Banton, E.A. (Enrolled Agent) Career Summary:

Graduated from University of North Florida, BBA, and Major in Accounting

First started doing taxes in 1982

Joined the US Army in 1983. Served about 1983-85

Started small Tax Practice and Public Accounting Company during time in the Army

Worked at a temporary position as Office Auditor for IRS in 1986

Passed the Enrolled Agent exam the next year. Current license # 00040605-EA. Licensed by US Treasury

Continued public accounting company and created S-Corporation for same in 1990. Did mostly small business, Corporations, Partnerships, and Individuals taxes

Started using QuickBooks in 1996 and continued doing accounting/bookkeeping for clients as well. Taught Accounting, Income Tax and other Business classes at local Jr. College from 1987-89 and again at same school from 2001-2002

Sold business in Colorado Springs in year 2003. Moved to Florida and worked as an employee for a couple of government contracting companies

Controller for a $5 million government contracting manufacturing company from 2005-2006. Continued to do Taxes and Accounting for about 10 clients at the same time

Started doing Non Profit Accounting and Tax work for a ministry in year 2007

2008-2010 Worked as an Accountant for a small international government contracting company in aerospace industry. Did accounting for US Company, and U.K. subsidiary. Did collections and billing for same company. Worked with foreign bank accounts of subsidiary companies in about 10 different countries. Worked on money conversion issues between US Dollar, Euro, Yen, GBP, BRL, and various other types of money. Used Microsoft Dynamics software for general ledger, financial statements and inventory. Used Excel, Access and QuickBooks also. Set up Job Costing for the U.K. subsidiary with QuickBooks

Started back in Tax Industry year 2010 and acquired more clients

Currently Chief Finance Officer of local American Legion, Post 394 since year 2010( see link above)

Worked 2011-13 tax seasons for Intuit/ TurboTax as Tax Expert/Adviser. Worked remotely for Tucson AZ Intuit location

Went back to Valencia College August 2012-13 learned more computer skills

Year 2015 Still Working for clients doing Accounting and Tax work